Monday, July 6, 2015

Hip Hip Hooray!

wow this week of emails was amazing!!!! thank you so much for all of the love!!!! dad i honestly started crying when i saw the picture!!! you and mom both look so amazing and i have never been more proud in my  life!!!!!!! congrats on being cancer free dad! i can truely see the Lord blessing you while i am here!!!!!!

this week was a little harder than others. we are still having a difficult time ni finding new people to teach and want to progress. I dont know why but nobody wants to listen to us in the street so we are working with that. i dont want to get anyone down, the mission life is still so great! in our cell phone we can montón de personas that we have never met and so we get to call them and make a cita. we we called this guy named emiliano hes an antiguo investigador (i dont know antiguo is in english hahah)  and he is super chill and we invited him to a baptism this weekend and he said yes. so we planned to go to the baptism but presdent told everyone that we had to stay inside for the big soccer game that was on saturday. the final cup against argentina and chile. so we never went but this week we are hoping to meet him. 

we have so many less active people here it is crazy! every person that we meet, is a less active! ha so we are meeting with members and trying to visit the menos activos here in our ward. we are trying to find new ways to contact people so if you have any ideas let me know!! 

training has its ups and downs. i am a lot more stressed cause i have to teach someone and there is so much "business" in the ward and the people we have to talk to but hermana gonzales is doing really well. her desire to know people is huge and she wants to teach so bad but we dont have a ton of people to teach so with that i feel bad sometimes! she only has 3 weeks in the mission so she is also learning patience as well!just as i did in being new. 

thank you for all of the support back there at home. i hope your summer vaction is very well spent and remember that i love love love you so much! Tenga una semana de exito y amor por otras personas. Se que el libro de mormon es la palabra de Dios y que El va a bendicirnos si lo leemos. Puedo ver la diferencia cuando leo el libro de mormon y cuando no lo leo. gracias por su apoyo en leerlo. Se que el espirtu va a estar con ustedes cuando estan leyendolo. Les quiero mucho! tenga suerte en su semana!!!

Con Amor,
hermana jones