Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bienvenidos a Cutral Co!!‏

hola familia! como están? Let me tell ya, cutral co is nothing like esquel! it is flat and suprisingly colder! But i am doing really well here! cutral co is about 1 hour from Neuquen its pretty dry here! my area is alot bigger and it is going to get some taking use to but i am ok. we have a huge map in our pension so i know where to go. this transfer is only 4 weeks and we are pretty sure that hermana sanchez is going to leave so i have to get to know the area. a good and bad thing is that we dont have any progressing investigators so we have to do a lot of contacting. I dont mind contacting its good practice for me too!

Yesterday we had interviews so that is why i am writing today. They were so good cause its was also the last time i am going to see president lovell and his wife here in the mission! it is really sad but we are already making plans for after the mission. they truely are like my parents here in the mission so mom and dad you have nothing to worry about. BUt also the assistents taught us some new things too. it was aweosme! it was just what i needed to get into the groove of things here. They talked a lot about the carpeta de area and how we need to have it up to date and clean always. A lot of the time us as missionaries say that we dont have any investigators and the area book has a lot of names of past investigators. so elder park took the carpeta de area of the elders and opened it up. randomly found a name and he had a number. so he called it right there and the person answered! it was so cool and he made a cita with him to go and talk with them this week! it was so awesome! They mostly talked about how there are so many people in our area book who we dont know so we need to suck it up and call them! so that is what we did last night! we went through our area book and called a lot of people and this week is full of citas and we have a lot of contacts to do! i am so pumped!!!! 

I am a little scared to be in a bigger area and i dont know anyone but i am doing just fine! the missionaries here are great and it is also great to have a companion who knows the area! And she doesnt know a lot of english so i have to speak spanish. which isnt bad at all! i like it! i am finding out that i need to know a lot more! but it comes with time. next week i hit the 6 month mark! i cant believe how fast it has gone! i feel like im still getting trained.  But ya fue. yo amo la mision y estoy agradecida por la oportunidad estar acá en argentina. yo sé que el señor esta ayudandome con todos para que pueda hacer su obra. gracias por su apoyo y amor! Les quiero mucho! tengan suerte en su semana!!!!

con amor,
hemana jones

Hna Sanchez, Caballero, Maynard, y yo

Our Zone soccer team!

Zone Conference in Zapala. Yummy treats!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


13 hour bus ride later....... estoy en Cutral Có!!!  its about 2 hours outside of neuquen. it is super raro to be in a place that i know nothing about but i am excited to get to know the people! My companion is Hermana Sanchez! she is from chile! she super nice and sweet! We speak only Spanish.  i am nervous because this transfer is only 4 weeks long so i have to know this place in 4 weeks because she is going to leave! aw!! there are no mountains and its not the prettiest but ah whatever.... there are no hills which im really excited!

i can just tell you... traveling through argentina with no companion is somthing else! ha i got here just fine but traveling on a bus for 13 hours and hoping missionaries are going to show up and meet you is fun. everything went well and dandy! on the way up, there were so many lakes and they were clear blue and smooth! i wanted to take the "silent partner" on them so bad! tubing would have been the best!!! 

it was sad to leave esquel! i loved it so much and i am really sad that i cant see them everyday but i know they are in good hands. oh! 

hermana houston is training this transfer so she is excited about that! she had 6 months in the mission so she was super nervous too! i said goodbye to alot of people that i will remember forever. i know that they are going to be blessed and protected only if they keep and follow the commandments!!! yo sé eso!!!  i am grateful to be somewhere new and i cant wait to teach people this gospel. 

i am safe and i am ready to work! i am grateful everyday for my sweet family and for the opportunity to be here. a veces estoy pensando en mis debilidades pero yo se que la obra del senor no va a pasar si estamos pensando mal. my challenge this week is for you to think in the good things that you are doing and your strengths and how you can apply your strengths in your daily lives. it really will make a difference in your day. i am grateful for the opportunity to be here in argentina! i love you all so so so so much! have a good week!!!

Hermana jones
my favorite family in esquel! la famila vergara

another family that i loved in esquel! luciana, abril and luna

me and hermana houston made ñoquis!!!
we are going to make this when i get home!!!!!!
its literally the best thing ever!
i am officially a gaucho!!!
 i got bombachas and apargatas and a bona!!
 its super super cool!

my district in esquel!! todos son capos!

me and arturo and elvira, the old couple that i taught