Tuesday, August 18, 2015

No tenga miedo a testificar de un principio del evangelio

Hello family and friends!!!

first, yes i am still alive. but thank you for all of the letters! i love to hear from the family!

this week has gone by so fast! i can't believe im writing you guys again! we are in the second week of the new transfer and today we had a training meeting. president has changed some things and i honestly think its going to help. We are focusing more on preach my gospel.... also on baptisms, obviously! i am getting really excited. this way we are finding a lot of new people. this transfer there are only 2 pairs of missionaries. before there were 3 pairs so we are missing a pair and that means that our area got a lot bigger! so we are recieveing a lot of new references and walking a lot more, but i love it because we have more area.

today in our training we were asked why do we want to baptize. They called on me and the first thing that i thought of was valeria, my first convert. the image of her going into the font and coming up as a new person was so amazing and it is something that i will never ever forget. i am here in the mission because i know that being baptized and following the example of jesus christ will literally save your life. I know that we as latter day saints dont do a lot of stuff....not becuase we are weird, but  its because we know that there is pure and true revelation from a living day prophet. sometimes they may seem like rules that trap us, but really they set us free. the number one thing you should always be thinking is.. is the spirit with me right now?

i know that this gospel changes people. i have seen it with my own eyes and with my own life. The decision to serve a mission literally saved my life. if i wouldnt have made this amazing decision i dont know where i would be, honestly!
i know that baptism is the only way we can enter in to live with god and jesus christ and with our family forever. Take a minute and think why our church, the church of jesus christ of latter day saints is different. it is because we have the restored preisthood authority again here on the earth. i am so grateful for the opportunity to be apart of this gospel that is allowing me to share it with other people.

i love the gospel, i love my heavenly father and i love every single one of you. if you are falting (missing or lacking) something, its not too late to start again. go to your heavenly father and talk to him. he is there and is ready to listen. este evangelio es verdadero. se eso con todo mi corazon.

les quiero muchisimo. que tengan una buena semana!!!!!!

hermana jones

Monday, August 3, 2015

Ponga amor en su alfajor

FELIZ CUMPLE MES A MI! today i hit 8 months here in the mission. wow i can't believe how fast time has gone! but i am loving every moment. bad times happen but as i look back on the experience that ive had, i cant remember the bad ones... only the good ones. this is truly the work of the lord that i am doing and that we should all be doing. to celebrate, all of us missionaries are going to have an asado. its like a bbq,  but better. the first of many!

this week has been good but it went by really fast. every week we have a family home evening with the ward here. the missionaries are in charge of it! so every week we get together and come up with ideas of what we can do. this last week we made alfajores de meicena. or in other words alfajores made from cornstarch. we made 180 alfajores so it was like 300 tops. then you can make then with dulce de leche and the shredded coconut. they are so good but we made so much. every person made a plate of 6 alfajores and they gave it to a friend or less active. it was really nice. also, we had an investigator come to it was really good!!!
we are working alot with our invitations to be baptized. yesterday we had a cool experience. her name is maria. she doesnt talk much and i have known her for awhile. so we went to see them and we started talking about the plan of salvation and how the only way we can enter into the kingdom of god is through baptism. so we invited her to be baptized and she said yes! we are still working on a date for here but it was really cool cause i have never seen her like that. we are seeing lots of progress. the members here are amazing! they are all so funny and generous to the missionaries. the youth program here is amazing i am going to miss those jovenes so much! we are seeing progress with our less actives and we are working so hard to get them back to church!!

i love being here and i am so happy that the book of mormon is blessing so many lives. keep reading. if your not reading every day, i invite you to start reading every day. even if its 1 verse. it WILL bless your life. i am amazed and grateful everyday that i am here in argentina talking spanish and helping others know who jesus christ is. he really is our perfect brother and i know he can help us with anything if we have enough faith. 

have a very successful week and know that i am always thinking about you guys! que tenga una semana de exito!! les quiero muchisimo!! 

hermana jones
Youth of the ward