Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mi Carta Maravillosa

Nov 9, 2015

hello familia how is everyone?! i have been asked if i could write a longer letter today so the wish has been granted. ha

we are teaching 2 recent converts. one is 13 and the other is 9. they are so so sweet and so so smart. their names are Nahuel and Lelin. They are the 2 chicos that were in the picture last week. they have had some trouble coming to church because their mom wants them to concentrate in school. they want to go to church but its hard for them. we are teaching them and helping them pray and they are so so so smart and they remember everything. i love teaching them they also make fun of my spanish. we have a good time. this week we are trying to contact more.
we have looked in our area book for new investigators. and this week have found 4 new investigators. so this week our plan is to contact them and put a fecha. BAUTISMO!! their names are miguel, benito, nancy and luis. also, this week we put a fecha with nicolas. the brother of nicole. he said we wants to get baptized. so we have planned for the 21st. i know that he is a preapared 16 year old kid. he is truely amazing. 
a miracle happened yesterday. we had made a cake because we found a less active in our member directory. and it had her birthday. so we went to look for her and we stopped to asked this man if he knew where the house was. we started to talk and he said he was catholic but he wife is mormon. we talked to her and she is from salta, argentina and she was so happy to see us. it was getting late and so we decided to give them the cake! so she was really happy. it is so crazy because we had contacted this man and we found a less active and now we have a new investigator. what a small world. 
me and hermana huaman are trying so hard to be more obedient and we have a lot of good plans for this coming week. we are excited and the time is flying. i love every minute of the mission even when times are tough. Me and my comp are getting along great. she really helps me and i am learning alot. we also laugh alot. 

i hope everyone has a good week. i love you all so so much. the church is true and i love being a missionary. 
hermana jones


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