Saturday, December 6, 2014

I Made It!!

Dec 3, 2014,

I made it!! Holy Cow! I don't even know were to start. First off, I love you guys so much! I don't know what I would have done without you. When you dropped me off, I wasn't sad and my host was really nice! Dad, she was going to Finland! So it was a sign, that you were there with me in espiritu! Ha! That's Spirit in Spanish! :)

Then I got the official name tag! It looks awesome! I love wearing it. Then we went straight to Spanish class. Wow. All they speak is Spanish. It's confusing but I got most of it. Then me and my 2 companions (Ya, I'm in a trio for now!!) went to orientation. The president is way nice! That started at 4:00 and I could tell it was my nap time cause I was drifting! Ha!

But then we made it to dinner. It was KFC! Ew! But I was starving! Oh, I saw the Kimballs! It was so cool to see them! It was nice to see a fresh face. It felt like home. There are so many people's crazy! I just want to watch and stare.

Then we got to unpack a little....then off to People and Purpose. We went through 4 mock investigators and it was good. It really scares me! Then we took a tour with the zone leaders and sister training leaders. Way nice people!! They all leave next week so I will have to start training people!! I don't think I'm ready for that! All I know in Spanish is ¡Hola!

Well, I hope you two are okay. Don't ever cry when you think of me, only smile. I'm doing the right thing and I will get the hang of it here. Tell everyone I say hello and that I love them

I love you as much as Marcus Lemonis loves his money. :)

With love,

Hermana Jones

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