Tuesday, March 17, 2015


So I can just tell you right now, that when you set a fecha with someone satan will do everything they can do not get them baptized. We scheduled Valeria´s baptism for saturday at 5. It was about 4 and a neighbor of valeria called us and said that she heard screaming from her house and that it sounded like her husband was hurting her or something like that. A history of valeria. when we met her she wasnt with her husband because she said he beat her and stuff and we are now realizing that she can get upset really fast and freak out! so we went to her house 45 minutes before her baptism and it was bad. but Her husband was NOT beating her. they were just fighting and she freaked out a little too much. I honestly thought she wasnt going to get baptized that day. but she came out and we went to the church!!!!! The baptism was perfect! She was so pretty and she wanted to be a member of the church! She had the opportunity to share her testimony with everyone and it was perfect! It is sad that she isnt our progressing investigator anymore but we are working really hard to find new investigators.
This week, we concentrated on valeria a lot. we met with her every day either to teach or to say como esta.... But i honestly love that woman. Something that is funny. they all love to drink mate here and they are always wondering why missionaries cant drink it so we said we wanted to drink it after the mission so they went in their cupboard and took out two mate cups!! They gave us each one. It is so cool!!!! I love it! People give their stuff all the time.
If you all are wondering if im doing ok with everything that is happening there at home... i am honestly fine!!! I was a little freaked out on sunday night when president lovell called me but it was a true blessing to talk to mom and dad and just hear their voices. It was a little kick in the butt. So now i am trying to be more outgoing when contacting and talking more. Ill admit i suck at the spanish but whatever. take it one step at a time right? After you guys told me the family motto, i wrote it on a piece of paper and put it up on my wall by my desk. It is truely a good motto.
Nothing more happened this week that is crazy important. I'm just trying to work really hard and do missionary work. Me and hermana lara only have 2 more weeks left together. im gunna miss her but we are going to party this week!!!!!
I am glad everyone is doing so well back at home! I will let you know when hermana laras homecoming is and YOU HAVE TO have her over for dinner. Mom, her favorite food is lasagna! so please you should make that for her!!! I love you all!! have an amazing week in utah!!!!
Con Amor,
Hermana Jones

Valeria's Baptism...Esquel

First baptism.....Valeria and Hermana Lara

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