Monday, February 23, 2015

Santiago 1:5

Hello family and friends!!!!!
I would just like to say that Hermana Lara is here for 6 more weeks!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy because I love that girl and it would have sucked if she would have left. So when a missionary first gets here, they have to do training for 12 weeks! so i have 6 weeks left. OH IM HALFWAY THERE! This week we have had a lot of successes so i will share a few.
First, we met a girl named Valeria. She is really nice. she has 2 kids and she was a reference from another investigator. At first we just went to meet her and she said we could come by and talk to her but when we did, it was too late because her mom had taken her to another church and she liked it. so of course, me and hermana lara were a little disappointed but we could feel something like she wasnt all the way convinced. then like 3 or 4 days later we saw her in the street and she said she didnt like what the pastor was saying and she wanted to know everything about our church. So this last week we got to share with her the plan of salvation. she is all the way in. she also came to church yesterday which it HUGE! so today we are meeting with her and we are going to ask her to prepare for the 28 of march!!!! its really exciting!!!
Sadly, natalia, we cant find her. we go by her house all the time but she never is there or she is always sleeping so hopefully we see her this week.
Patricia, she is doing well. we gave her a commitment to read mosiah 2 and she didnt so that kind of made us worry cause if an investigator doesnt do their compromiso, then its really hard to get them to progress. but we are hoping that she will read the pamphlet about the restoration and pray.
Another cool story, we have been working with a menos activo and she is not less active anymore!! yesterday they gave her a calling as a ward missionary!!!!!!!! she is so happy! she was actually the one who have the pamphlets to valeria! she is muy capa! and she said yesterday that missionaries have helped her before but me and hermana lara have really helped her and she was thanking us and i just love that woman so much! shes helarious!
this week we also had the opportunity to teach english!! oh it was so fun! and everyone liked it so we are doing it every Saturday!!!!!
A new transfer is so nice. it feels like a new semester. so i am really trying to change some things of how i study and how i pray and everything because honestly this last transfer went by so fast! and i am really loving esquel! it will be sad to leave this place. but i will probably be here 3 more transfers if im lucky!
i hope mom, you had a good birthday!!!! thats awesome! this week is going to be awesome! pray for me and that valeria with accept her baptism date!!!! thank you for everything you guys do! i love you so much!
my challenge this week is to have a family home evening. I know its hard cause everyone is busy. but invite a less active family for another family and the missionaries over cause it is just a fun way to share the gospel and it really works for us down here!
i hope everyone has a good week! i love you all so much!!!!
Con amor,
hermana jones

Esquel from the top of the hill

Hna Jones and Lara in Esquel

P-day at La Cruz

Esquel JOY

Most famous train in the world....Patagonia Express

Beautiful view of Esquel

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