Monday, February 16, 2015


Hello from Argentina!!! i have offically been in esquel for 6 weeks! It is crazy that the transfer ends this week! i am half way done with my training. 

I am so happy every monday to get letters from everyone! I love you all so much! Not to be weird but where is Jon? Has he fallen off the earth? 

This week was really good. fast and slow. Unfortunately, hermana lara was sick so we got to rest a little bit in our pension. But we still are working hard. we live right below this place called Canadon and it really is up in the canyon! like we walk up there everyday and there are so many houses. We have a lot of people that we visit and try to contact. Patricia, we have met with her once and now we cant find her so hopefully she still likes us. and Natalia is so funny! everytime we come she is always sleeping but we had the chance to talk to her and she seemed not interested at first but we kept talking to her about the plan of salvation and she looked more and more interested so hopefully she wants to hear more!!! 

So some sad news, Me and hermana Lara will not be teaching Ricardo anymore. Some stuff happened, but the elders are still going to teach him. Keep praying for him cause i hope one day he will want to change. 

I will tell a cool story. We were visiting a recent convert, Luciana. she just got baptized 2 weeks ago. wow ella es CAPA! She smoked, did drugs, has tattoos and she lived with her boyfriend. The elders were teaching her and they said that smoking and drugs were against the word of wisdom, and that she cant live with her boyfriend so she moved out! The law of chastity is really hard around here for people but she did it and she has 2 little girls. She comes to church and noche de hogar every week! So yesterday i honestly jjust told her that i was super proud of her and that her testimony is so strong and if she would share it with our investigator, Mirian. She said yes!! so we are really excited! 

It is really hot here and we walk everywhere!!!!! OH! my first experience with bad food. so we went to eat lunch with Hermana Manz. she has really good cooking but she made this vegetable pie. Oh my gosh! it took everything in me to get it down! The sad thing was that hermana lara loved it so she wanted more but if she would have gotten more i would have had to have more. but luckly hermana lara is aweomse and she could tell that i was having a hard time. Honestly the pie was like cooked spinich and other stuff in a pie. it was sooooo gross!!!!

So hermana lara has one transfer left so hopefully she doesnt get transfered on monday so maybe next week, ill have a new companion. and i am freaking out a bit. but ya fue. 

ok so i have my ipod here but im stupid and didnt bring a cord to charge it with..... so anyway you could put it in an envalope and send it??? that would be awesome!!! tambien, so last pday we went out to eat lunch and a burger and fries was like 85 pesos. so that is why i used the card. and i might have to use it today so i can buy food. cause we have two weeks left in the month. this month i dont know what we have done to run out of money- so so sorry. next month i will be better. 

my challenge this week is to do a service for someone. it doesnt matter if it is physical or you write a card to someone. just do something nice for someone else. Christ came to this earth to share his gospel and serve others. when you have to opportunity to serve someone else, you can see them through christs eyes. 

I love you all so much! i hope you all have a good week! i think about you guys all the time and i remember how blessed i am to have a CAPO familia. have a good week and an elephant once told me to remember that you are loved, remember why you are here, remember what your purpose is and remember that i love you. chau!

Hermana Jones

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