Monday, February 9, 2015


hello family and friends!
I have successfully finished another week here in esquel! it is so hot and windy all the time! i honestly cant remember anything that happened this last week! it went by so fast and it was crazy! we found 2 new investigators and they are both really nice! one is name patricia and the other is natalia! i hope they want us to come back!
This week was full of emotions. good and bad. we teach Ricardo about twice a week and it is really frustrating. i dont think he wants to change. but he keeps coming to church every week but we taught him on saturday and he was so mean! he wouldnt answer any questions i asked him if he wanted to become like christ and he said no... so honestly hermana lara started crying after. it was really hard because we are helping this man so much and he is giving us nothing. so we went to talk to him yesterday. He said he was kidding around but we told him how we loved him and how we want to help him. so we are coming up with ideas to help him stop smoking. 

Honestly all i remember this week was teaching. for a while we have been walking around the streets trying to see everyone but we actually taught. me and hermana lara are getting along great! we are always laughing and our companion studies are really great! right now we are making the lessons into lessons for kids! its so fun!!!!! so we have some craft nights too! it is going to be sad when she leaves cause i will be totally lost. 
on monday, we got to do family home evening with an old couple and the elders. it was so funny! we taught them how to make tacos! they have never had tacos! they were so delicious and they loved them!!!!!! it was so funny!! we also had the opportunity to teach noche de hogar on friday night.we taught them about the tree of life and how we need to share the fruit. so we gave everyone a tarjeta that we give out when we contact and we had to go on the streets and find someone to give it to. their faces were awesome! they didnt want to do it but they all gave out their card!!!! it was awesome! 

i am glad everyone is doing well! i want to see pictures of the birthday party! i thought of ryan and zac a lot this last week! i love you guys so much!!! my challenge this week is to starting reading the book of mormon together. we are doing our challenge and they invited us to invite our families tambien. so please do it! the book of mormon is amazing and i know that it is true!!!! can you please send me tanners email and grandpas?? i dont have those. ill send pics too!!!!! love love love love you!!!!! have a good week!!!!!!! 

Con Amor,
hermana jones

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