Monday, February 2, 2015

Mosiah 7:33

well hello my family:) how is everyones week going? i have loved the emails and geez everyone has so many questions!!!!! ok....
hermana lara is 21 and she is from orem and she has about 8 weeks left. one more transfer after this!
the church here in esquel is awesome and there are about 30 people there! there isn´t alot. i try to talk to all of them or at least shake their hand. we are the young woman leaders and we have 1 young woman, her name is Dani. there is one church in all of esquel so for some its really far to go to church! there are 4 sets of missionaries. esquel is split into 4 parts and then we have 2 more pairs in another town. its great cause hermana webb is in my district so i get to see her once a week!
the food here is awesome!!!! always noodles! and meat. its like ravioli with ground beef and ALWAYS bread!!! its delicious! i actually got to eat pizza this week too! its amazing cause they put hard boiled eggs on top. i dont know why we dont do that!! we usually eat with members with for lunch its really great!!!
ok this week we met with alot of people and also we have done a lot of walking! its really got and my tan is the bomb! but one man we are meeting with is Ricardo. the man who smokes. he is so sweet and we are working with him really hard to help him to stop smoking. we had the word of wisdom lesson with him this week so hopefully it helped. another man is daniel. he is a menos activo. he has a smoking and drinking problem. but he is really great. he really wants to change.
another lady we are working hard with is Maria sapulveda. she is great. she knows alot and she loves to learn more. she is also a menos activo. we met with her yesterday and i was ready to get all doctrine with her but we were talking and she wants her son to get the preisthood so she asked us.. how can i be prepared to teach? what can i do to be more prepared? i was so suprised! she has changed so much and i love her desire. so we taught her the restoration and next week she has to teach it to us. it is great!!!!!  today we, as a district, are hiking up to la cruz! its a cross on the top of the mountain and it looks so high and its going to be hot but i will send pics sometime.

my challenge this week is something a little different. i am glad everyone is doing well with the challenges. and i love that you are memorizing scriptures! i am also trying to do that so i can know the language better. so i want everyone to find a scripture and memorize it in SPANISH!!!!!! it will be great. you can pick like moroni 10:5 its really short. i learned it in the mtc. but try it. everything sounds better in spanish.

i hope everyone had a wonderful week!!!!!! sorry for the shorter time. but i love you all and i think of you often. remember that i love you!!!!!!!!
oh and look at mosiah 7:33 for comfort and well. have a wonderful week! que bendicion!!!!
con amor,
hermana jones

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