Monday, January 26, 2015

Blazing Hot

Hello my sweet family and friends! Argentina is great and it is blazing hot here. oh my gosh i am so sunburnt but its nice because i have a really nice tan. i am getting a tan line on my feet and it looks awesome!

this week me and hermana lara have done a lot of walking. i literally live on a hill and we go up and down it like 4 or 5 times a day. we go in the mountains because that is where all of our investigators are. we had the opportunity to do service for a member. her name is lrma. she is so tiny. smaller than  grandma jones. its so funny. we helped clean out her yard and stuff. This week has been better. thank you for all the emails of encouragement and love. it really means a lot. megan says im still the favorite child around there so keep it alive. I haven´t forgotten my sweet family. i keep a picture of you guys in the front of my scriptures and i always use it for the plan of salvation lessons and i testify to them that families are forever.the people here love to look and the picture and i love to share it with them. 

yesterday, me and hermana lara had our weekly planning session and we kind of talked about our companionship. we are much better now and we really get along. i mostly just talk and talk so hopefully it helps. but she said that my spanish is really good and that i am learning really fast. my face was in shock!! ¡Que Bendicion! it was really nice of her to say those things. it was an anwer to my prayers. we are getting along great and she really helps me with my spanish. 

this week, we have been focusing on our menos activos. we have so many of them its not good. we try to see them a lot during the week and keep them involved. One that is on my mind a lot is Ricardo. he was baptized a while ago but he has a smoking problem. he talks at rapid speed and i honestly never talk to him but i just love him. he is so funny! we teach him about 3 times a week. he doesn´t talk much in the lessons but  its all good. its a good time to practive my spanish. 

we are doing things at every hour of every day. if you could see my planner oh man. its full blue ink. 

funny story. yesterday we were walking around and this group of boys were by us. they started saying stuff in english. (i think they were making fun of me) like hello and how are you. so i started saying stuff back to them and randomly they started swearing!!!!! it was so funny because it scared me and hermana lara. that was the only phrase they knew in english was swear words!!!! it was funny!! 

i am finally in alma!!!! i am so excited becasue the book of mormon is so good! i can´t even explain my love for the book of mormon and jose smith. everyone needs to read this book. seriously the stories are so amazing and if anyone has a question. pull up a scripture. when ever we teach the restoration lesson, i get chills everytime when talking about jose smith. he did see 2 personages in the sacred grove. yo se que. 

this week we have had a hard time getting members to participate in coming to lessons. they just think all the investigators or less actives are ok and doing fine. but no, they aren´t beucase they arent going to church. so my challenge this week is to find the missionaries in your area and give them a reference. seriously missionary work with members is SO IMPORTANT!!!!!! so either give them a reference or go out with them to teach someone. you might think they are doing fine but they could use the help. they don´t have magical powers. 

ok sorry for being a little mean. it just makes me upset when the members make exuces for not wanting to come. 

i love you all so much. have a wonderful week. happy birthday to my sweet brother and nephew next week. zac, stay awesome and always remember to say your prayers and read your scriptures EVERY NIGHT! ryan, i love you and have a happy happy birthday. you are missed here in argentina. stay cool and keep the garden going. 

have a good week and i love you!!!!
con amor,
hermana jones

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