Monday, January 19, 2015

¡Hola Familia!

Hello from argentina! I am currently sitting in a little cyber kiosk and people are speaking spanish and i have no idea what they are saying. I will be completely honest, this is so hard. I havent even been here a week and it is hard! but of course, i knew that. I arrived here on late tuesday night. the flight was so long and my feet were like watermelons. It was really sad, because one of the elders in my district, elder russell, left his passport in his carry on which was checked so he wasnt able to fly with us but he took the next flight out. we then arrived in argentina and we went to the mission home. i hadnt showered in about 2 days and we were all starving! the mission president and his wife greeted us and we stepped out into the world of argentina! oh my goodness it is so hot here. we then, for about 2 days, did training and workshops and lots of things! lots of good food and nice people. on Thursday i got to meet my new companion! Her name is hermana lara. she is from chicago but she lives in orem. she does speak english but also really good spanish! she tries to help me and we dont talk alot. sometimes i feel like she is annoyed of me, but that is ok. i think its because of my lack of the language. its really hard to try and talk to people who dont speak english! haha cheestos! i am trying so hard but i feel like im getting no where. i try to study but there are so many things going through my head that its really really hard. i am in Esquel, argentina. it is in the most south area in our mission. there are mountains and trees everywhere. it kind of feels like home. there are mostly dirt roads and we live on a hill so i am constantly walking up and down hills. i have so many blisters and calices(?) on my feet its crazy. i am getting a nice tan and its all good! you guys keep saying that ill have a ton of baptisms but funny story we had one on saturday. Arturo and elvira are an old couple that they had been teaching before i got here. since september. it was really cool to see! i understand a lot of spanish but when i get to the point of responding, its too late. The food here is amazing!!!!! i love it. there isnt a lot of meat like everyone says but its still really good. there is dulce de leche on everything! its delicious.
my p-day is on mondays now. we do get dear elder down here but i have no idea how to do it. so youll have to ask sister lovell. they will send it to us once a week. i will try to send pictures another time i always forget to take them! sorry.
this week i am a little home sick. i have never felt like this before. every time i think of you guys i just want to cry cause id rather be home. that is a terrible way to think but i will try to be better. The people are really nice here and its just hard to love and communicate with them when i cant speak to them. i just feel like the spanish will never come. i am trying so hard to stay up beat. its hard when me and my companion dont talk becuase i have a lot of time to think and that is when i get most down on myself.
i hope everything is going well. have a good week and ill talk to you next week:)
con amor,
hermana jones

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