Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Last Days

hello my wonderful family and friends!!!!

where do i start?! All the weeks are blending together and yes, i leave for the wonderful land of Argentina on monday morning. We leave from slc & then we go to Georgia and then we have another flight from Georgia to Buenos Aires. so it is going to be a very very long flight. I am sort of excited because i will have a lot of time to read the BOM. My goal is to get to mosiah by monday. Then from Buenos Aires, we take a long bus ride or a plane and it will be like 20 hours. Que Bendicion!!!

This week has been good! Thank you for all the letters from the family party! tell them all hello!!! Also thank you for the box of bagels!!!! they were so tasty! we all loved them!  we had many devotionals this week and they are always spiritual experiences. We had to end with 2 of our investigators because we are leaving. it was really sad because one of them was rosie and she was our TRC investigator. the other one was Alberto. and he was just hermano magallanes. seriously our teachers are the best and we got these huge poster boards and printed pictures of them and us and we are going to sign them so they will always remember us. I will cry so much when we have to leave. we are learning more spanish but i feel like i am soaking in nothing. but whatever.
There are so many people who are going to neuquen and we meet people all the time that were in our mission. they always say that the mission president is really good. I will be really sad when i have to end my days here at the mtc because i am finally getting use to it here and i am loving my district more and more. but i know when we all get back together and we are all going to have a huge party and talk in Spanish all day long. it will be a great reward.
I want to tell everyone that i love you so much and whoever is reading this blog, i love you too!!! Yo se que mi Salvador vive. Yo se que las palabras en el libro de mormon son el amor de Dios. Yo se que mi Padre Celestial me ama mucho. Jose smith fue un profeta de Dios. Les amo mucho! 

okay, so my challenge for this week is to truly study the scriptures. I have my english and my spanish that i have marking like crazy. i mark them by topic and lesson. maybe you don't have to mark them all crazy but mark your favorite stories and verses. You never know when a missionary experience will come up and you can share your favorite story or verse. 

i attached some pics! the first one is of me and hermana webb have a lightsaber war. it was awesome. the next one is our district with hermana turley. the next one is our district with hermano magallenes and the next one is the 2 of us with Rosie. 

Love all of you!!! have a good week!!!


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