Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hello my dearest family and friends:)

It was so nice to talk to you on christmas! it was kind of scary and first because it just felt weird. But when i was done, it wasn't long enough. I will get to call you when i leave for argentina on the 12th, but ill let you know more when it gets closer. This week was fun and honestly i can't remember a lot that we did. We taught a lot of people. Every other day me and hermana webb teach like 3 people a day. it gets crazy. Christmas was good. Elder Russell M. Nelson came to speak to us for christmas and then on sunday The crazy organ dude from music and the spoken word and david archuleta came and they sang! it was so amazing!!!!

Every week, we have to do a language assessment and they ask us questions and we have to answer through the microphone. it is so funny because they ask us crazy questions and you have to listen to yourself talk back. oh man it is so funny to hear myself talk about i don't know what. But i got a good review back! Hermano Magallanes helps us with our planning and language study he is so nice we are so lucky to have amazing teachers because there are some teachers who are so mean! 
yesterday, our whole district got to be hosts for the new missionaries. it was really sad to see them cry so much! i hope i wasn't like that. i probably was. It is really cold down here and we had to do it in the crazy cold weather. but it was really cool to meet new people and we FINALLY got new hermanas! it is nice to have more sisters in our zone.
Like i said, there isn't much that went on this week. oh but HAPPY NEW YEAR!! its crazy to think that it is 2015! We are all about goals here at the mtc. my goal is to read the book of mormon twice this year. i am loving it more and more. i can honestly say that i haven't received an answer to know if the book of mormon is true. BUT the scriptures say to read and study and then ask. I am praying every night to ask and i am learning so much from them. I am also learning a lot about jose smith. He was an incredible man and he did everything he could so we could have this book. my other goal is to once a week, find  christ like attribute and really study it and try to be more like christ in that way. We went to a devotional on tuesday and it was about repentance and change and we need to change to become christ. we are literally representing him. 
my challenge this week is for everyone to make a goal ( i know stupid) but it is really important to make goals so we can become more like the savior. 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful new year. hey mom anyway, before i leave for argentina, could you send a lot of that chocolate granola?? or the dirt?? everyone loves it here! i will be sending stuff back cause i have a lot of stuff that wont fit in my bags. LOVE YOU ALL!!!! 

here are some pictures!!! ill send more next week too!!!! 

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