Wednesday, December 24, 2014

¡FELIZ NAVIDAD! As you can probably tell, it is Wednesday. Tomorrow is my usual p-day but since its christmas, they are letting us do everything today! So i figured out when i get to call you guys... i will be calling at 3:15pm and i get to talk for 30 minutes!!!!!! I was totally expecting like 10 minutes but 30 MINUTES!!! yay! Thank you for all the packages! I am truly blessed with everything that you have sent me! So funny story... the chocolate granola you sent me? ya we love it here! The elders in my district thought it looked like dirt so everyone calls it dirt!! It is so funny:) I think Taylor will enjoy this, the elders in my district are obsessed with some batman videos that were on youtube so they talk in a batman voice all the time! It reminds me of taylor and Jon all the time:) 

Here at the MTC, they really concentrate on the Christmas season. I love it! Sometimes its weird because i'm not use to it. BUT it is amazing every minute of every day. We get 1 1/2 days off of class and it is truly a good gift. Its a nice break to be with my district during the holiday season. We get a surprise apostle tomorrow for our devotional! No one has any idea! They keep secrets good here! Tonight they are giving us some free time and my district and I are going to read the birth of Jesucristo in spanish! I can't wait! Everything is so much prettier in spanish! I want to speak it fluently so bad!! Our teacher, Hermano Magallanes, says "Espanol es el idioma celestial!" He is completely right!! Everything that is expressed is all with love and more meaning. I will admit it is very hard because we just learned perfect tense and it makes no sense. Everything has a connotation. Its ridiculous! I have been blessed with the best teachers on the planet! The Lord really knows what i needed. They are just the best:) 

This week has gone by really fast!!! Hermana Webb and I have 3 progressing investigators. It can get stressful sometimes! We have Alberto, Amelia and Rosie. Rosie is a TRC investigator. Its actually real people, not our teachers. It is harder because they are just themselves and some are not members. But yesterday we taught her about faith. As we have been learning more, me and Hermana Webb have been realizing that the plan of salvation is el evangelio de Jesucristo! and there are five steps to the gospel. 1. faith in Jesucristo and his atonement 2. repentance 3. bautismo 4. receive the gift of the holy ghost 5. endure to the end. SO we decided to start teaching Rosie those 5 steps. We invited her to be baptized but she was a little hesitant. But yesterday, she really opened up and she wanted to have more faith in Him and she said what she felt was weird. She liked it but it was weird! I have always wanted to experience that with someone!!! It was CRAZY!!!! There are some days where i would just rather hang around and not do anything but then i think that that is just dumb. 

Another good experience this week. Sundays here are amazing! The spirit is so strong here! We were in sacrament and Brother Durphy (in the branch presidency) he was talking about christmas and he started talking about if there was one person in the whole world he could talk to it would be his dad because he had passed away. At that moment, Grandma Jones popped into my head. If there was one person that had passed away and i could talk to, it would be Grandma Jones. I don't know why but I feel like she would just know what to say to me. All i could do was cry. That was the first time where i knew that she was sitting next to me in that meeting. She was there cheering me on.

I am reading the Book of Mormon again! I am in 2 Nephi! I love reading it now for some reason! I have so many markings in it already and they are just covered in sticky notes. It makes the reading more fun!! I look forward to gym time every day because i am at the top in 4 square. I kid you not, it is so serious around here. I would say that i am one of the top girls who play;) It is crazy. the elders say i do a certain move and they named it the "J-Swing" ya its pretty cool! I am a pro! I am also realizing that i'm gaining weight... it is hard because we sit all day and then go eat. i could probably stay away from the desserts. So i am doing better:) 

Another funny story! So Elder Russell, Elder Bramell and Elder Lyman were teaching an investigator from Argentina. His accent was ridiculous! We couldn't understand him at all! So i guess he said he didn't have a job and he had a drug problem. but they couldn't understand what he was saying so they all just said ¡Qué Bendicíon! Oh man it was so funny! We still laugh about it to this day! 

I am loving Hermana Webb even more everyday. I can sometimes notice when we bug each other but we still love eachother. Her crazy side is coming out and I love it!! We tell eachother everyday how grateful to have each other and we are just awesome together. She truly has a love for this gospel and i want to be more like her. I could go to her about anything:):) 

If you haven't already, there is the video on it's called "He's the Gift" it is so amazing!!! here's the link: 
Today in class, we watched it and Hermano Magallanes asked if we could watch it again and we all said YES!!! Invito a usted para mirar "Él es el don". It is awesome! I am learning things everyday! I love getting letters from everyone!!! I am working on those thank you notes. don't worry, its in my mind. I have no time here for myself. But i guess that is good! I love my district so much. It is going to be hard when i wont be with them in 3 weeks. Each day we are together i am just so grateful that we are together. I know we were placed here together for a reason! I thank my heavenly father for them every night!  YES I LEAVE TO ARGENTINA IN 3 WEEKS! Today is the halfway mark! I guess the FBI clearance hasn't come through so we have to go next week to get our fingerprints again! They are going to send them a faster way i guess. Its so lame. I loved my birthday present from Maris and Linds! The converse are awesome! I'm actually wearing them right now!!! The fancy rice treats! Linds you know me too well:) I will try and send pictures but as usual, i am terrible and having my camera with me all the time. 

I have been trying to give a challenge every week. Is anyone even doing them? NO? well whoever does, im happy! This week i challenge everyone to think of something you can give Christ. Heavenly Father gave us a wonderful gift, a Savior for the world and more importantly, for YOU! Think of something in your life that you want to be better at and have that be your gift. Mine is to study more in the scriptures and gain a better relationship with my Heavenly Father. 

Im going to be honest, this is so hard but also, i am just happy to be here. There are so many things that i am grateful for. Sometimes i catch myself thinking of all of the stuff i need to work on or what am i doing wrong. I just need to be happy and try to be more like Jesus. I love speaking in spanish well at least i try to speak in spanish! i am just really nervous to go to Argentina. 

I hope everyone is doing well back at home. I hope you are still making a fort tonight. If not, that is just sad. Me and Hermana Webb plan on making one tonight. I hope everyone just stops to think about Christmas and what it really is. There would be no Christmas without Christ. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!! HAVE A GOOD WEEK! Talk to you tomorrow!!!! 

Con Amor, 
Hermana Jones 

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