Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hello wonderful family and friends!!!!!! I have officially finished my second week here at the mtc and I am loving it!! Thank you for all the kind letters! I love getting the letters during the week! PLEASE send more! I could always use more love.

This week has been crazy! Remember when I told you about Carlos our investigator? Ya so on friday he told us thank you for teaching him and he wasn't interested anymore! I was so sad because we were so close to inviting him to be baptized... I wanted to cry because carlos was such a sweet person and we were getting really close! BUT we came in the next day and CARLOS IS OUR TEACHER! oh my gosh! it was so weird to have him as our teacher!!!!! His name is Hermano Magallanes but no one remembers how to say his name so we just call him Hermano Carlos. He is the best teacher and our district has two of the best teachers! Hermana Webb and I teach someone almost every day. Its really cool and i don't get a nervous as i was. 

I do have one more surprise! So we were at the devotional on sunday and they told us that we can call home on Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The time i am able to call is Thursday from 3:15 to 5:15pm. So please don't miss that call cause i would really like to talk you guys! Um ill try and to get more than one number but i think ill only have 15 minutes tops! so I will try moms phone! DONT FORGET!!!  if you need to get a hold of me about christmas just dear elder me cause i get them everyday. 

I am more and more in love with my companion and my district! We have all gotten so close and we aren't sick of each other yet! Yesterday we had to teach an investigator. It was Hermana Turley acting as an investigator. Her name is Amelia and she is 16. Me and Hermana Webb really prepared for this lesson. we went into a separate room and we were able to concentrate really well. So we met Amelia and we could both feel the spirit so strong!! We didn't have any problems with the spanish! Like i said, Amelia is 16 and she doesn't have a relationship with God. So we taught her the importance of prayer. We kind of did a " Who, How, What When, Where and Why" approach and we had a scripture for each one.It worked so well because she had a problem going to sleep because she felt like satan was with her and she was so scared. So we taught her how to pray and randomly right in the middle of Hermana Webb talking, a scripture came to my mind and it was D&C 10:5. it talks about to pray always and the Lord will watch and protect you while you sleep and fight off satan. I literally almost started crying because i knew that that was the spirit who put that scripture into my mind, not me. We are still teaching her but yesterday was the first time where i knew that it had gotten a little easier because we prepared and prayed to have the spirit to be with us. 

Mom, thanks for the 12 days of Christmas box! It is awesome! Hermana Webb and I look forward to it every day!!!! Dad, thank you so so so much for the wonderful letter. It has really helped me be better this week. Megan, Ryan, everyone, thank you so much for the letters! I love hearing about things that happen at home. I am so sorry to hear about Bill. I had no idea that he was so sick!!! I hope Linda is doing ok?! Tell her i love her and that she will be with him again. How is the gym going?! Any more weight gone? Any more muscles gained??? TELL ME!!! Ryan told me how crazy it was to go to the gym with everyone! I love it so much! I get gym time here everyday and i look forward to it! I love it! We mostly do 4 square ( Its like the olympics around here) and basketball! If you could tell marissa hi for me cause she wrote me once and i wrote her a huge letter and she won't write back! Tell her not to forget me:( 

So actually another surprise on my part, the building that i'm living in is being closed off because of construction. So all the sisters in that building, (4 floors) we have to move in to another building and be in a 4 person bedroom with 6 people. Its crazy. That is mostly what i've been doing today is moving. HEY so hermana webb LOVES LOVES goldfish so if you feel so inclined, want to send goldfish. If not its fine. Just a thought. Yesterday we got 10 new elders! There are so many! But we have all been so excited because there have only been 7 of us. We had the opportunity to take them on a tour and they think we are all crazy. When you are together with your district for 14 hours a day you tend to get a little crazy. But Que Bendición!!! 

I am trying my hardest to be the best missionary. I am so scared to go to Argentina! one of our teachers went there and he talked like they do there and i could not understand him... AT ALL!!! I am in trouble. I am learning something new everyday. We have had the opportunity to invite people to be baptized and all those fears and all of those doubts go out the window because it makes me so happy that someone wants to get baptized!!!! It is so crazy!!! 

Yo se que la iglesia de Jesucristo is muy verdadero!!! El poder de la oración is muy importante! Last week i challenged everyone to get a spiritual journal? Did anyone do it?? Well this week i challenge everyone to pick a scripture and memorize it! so whenever you are feeling weird or sad or whatever think of that scripture. I have had the opportunity to memorize the first vision and our purpose! it is amazing when you know it from heart!!! If by chance, could you give me grandpas email address or send this to him and also send me his address so i can write him??? That would be awesome! Sorry for the long letter!! LOVE YOU! don't forget about Thursday and keep your phone not on silent!!!!!

Con Amor,
Hermana Jones  

Mi Propósito es invitar a las personas a venir a Cristo al ayudarlas a que reciben el evangelio restaurado mediante la fe en Jesucristo y su expiación, el arrepentimiento, el bautismo, la recepción del don del Espíritu Santo y el perseverar hasta el fin.  

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