Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hello family!! It has officially been one week for me here at the MTC! It is so crazy here! The spirit is always here and Heavenly Father is blessing every missionary here! The days are pretty packed! Going to bed at 10:30 (which used to be impossible) is so easy because we wake up at 6:30 and we work all day! Today, I finally get to take a nap!! I am learning spanish all day long! This is what a normal schedule is:

 6:30- wake up
7:15- breakfast
7:45-11:35- classroom 
11:35- lunch
12:20- 3:20- classroom
3:20-4:20- gym time
4:50- dinner 
5:35- 9:00- classroom
9-9:30- planning
9:30-10:30-get ready for bed

Every day is jam packed!!! I get so tired but I just keep pushing! The first day i got there we started learning spanish! The THIRD day, we had to teach an investigator in spanish! Our investigator is named Carlos! He is so nice and he helps me and my companion with our spanish! He is from Venezuela and he is just the best! Up until today, we have taught him 5 lessons! Today we are going to invite him to get baptized!! It is so scary!
So i said i was in a trio but my companion finally came!!! Her name is Hermana Webb. She is from California! She is so sweet! She reminds me of Mari so much! She makes some of the same face expressions and it just makes me smile! She has so much energy and so much love for this gospel! We get along great!!! Its really nice, when we are teaching, I can understand carlos and she can't, but she knows how to think faster on her feet with the spanish! so we are a great team! oh and of course, the holy ghost is with us too! The food is terrible here. Luckily they have an awesome salad bar and a wrap bar! But i have it so much, i get really sick of them. So im doing my best! 

Thank you for all of the birthday cards and gifts and all the letters from the ward service project! I loved all of the letters from the ward service project!!! I was really surprised to get letters from some people! I didn't do much on my birthday! My companion decorated my bed with balloons and sticky notes!!! My district sang Happy Birthday in espanol! It was funny!
My district is AWESOME! There are seven of us and we are the only district in our zone right now. The other district in our zone left on tuesday for the mission field! So we are magically suppose to know everything now for the new missionaries to come!!! Estabien:) There is a trio of elders( Elder Lyman, Elder Bramell, and Elder Russell), Hermana Marvian and Hermana Woolf, then me and hermana webb. Its a good group. The elders are still cute and 18, so sometimes they get really distracted but we all get along really well! Elder Lyman (an elder in my district) went to herriman high school and he said he knew brother Thompson!! Shout out to Brady!!!!! I know that we were all sent here to be together for a reason!!! Our Branch president is President Doman! He is so amazing!!! He literally looks like Jeffery R. Holland! He always knows what to say. My favorite thing that he says is "we don't have meetings... we have revelatory experiences!" I LOVE IT! I don't remember if i told you but Hermana Webb and I have been asked to be Sister training leaders!!! Its so exciting!!! We don't get to train anyone until next week but im still exited! Sadly we are the only group of sisters in our zone. The other district in our zone left this week! They were from all over and most of them were going to Nicaragua! The sisters were like my best friends! They were so sweet and we got along with them a ton! I am glad they are doing well though! 

The MTC is going great. We talk in spanish all day. The teachers are amazing! They talk in spanish... NEVER in english! well there are exceptions. My main teacher is Hermana Turley! She is so cute and she went to guatemala on her mission! We are learning at the speed of light and now me and hermana webb have two investigators that we are teaching now. First, there is Carlos and then we are meeting with Maria. She is SO SO quiet. she talks really fast and i dont know what she is saying half the time. She just needs some friends i think. We do it through the TRC. 40% of the investigators are REALLY investigators! It is really scary! So its sort of real! We have to teach Carlos today and Maria tomorrow! Wish us luck!!

How is everyone doing?! Maris, the family, Lindsi, etc: I  don't have everyone's emails with me right now so could you just forward it on to everyone? I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! The rumor is around here is that Elder Holland is coming for christmas!!!! AH! We have devotionals every sunday and tuesday. We are in the MTC choir! We haven't been able to go yet though..
I challenge everyone back at home to keep a spiritual journal. FOR EVERYTHING! anything you do can invite the spirit in. The spirit is 100% in charge!!! I have loved having a journal for the devotionals and just my study in the classroom. That is my challenge this week. 

Yo se que Jesucristo es el Salvador y el Redentor. Yo se que Jóse Smith fue un profeta. El Libro de Mormón is verdadero. Yo se que el Evangelio de Jesucristo is verdadero. Las palabras de El Libro de Mormón son verdadero. Yo se que las familias son eterna. 

Te amo mi familia!!!!! Be safe!!!! please pray for me and hermana Webb! Please write me!
Hermana Jones

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