Monday, April 27, 2015

Volcanos and no power

Just so you all know the volcano hit us real bad.... haha jk. we are fine down here in esquel. They called us friday night and we had to get food for 3 days and we had to stay inside but we woke up on saturday and it was about 9:30 and we were able to leave. the sky was clear and blue and it was actually really hot. but we are all fine and it never even hit us!
This week has been really weird. good things happened and we are working really hard. We did a Tsunami in our area. A tsunami is when we have all the missionaries go to one area and contact for a few hours. so we did that and we got a few contacts! it was actually really cool! we gave each companionship a part of our area and they went contacting. I hope we find someone to teach!! also this week we found a new investigator. his name is miguel! he is super cool! we havent taught him yet cause we need a member with us but we are going to see him on friday so hopefully he wants to listen.
this week we have had the opportunity to talk about the book of mormon and  this time i am reading it in spanish! it is so cool! speaking another language is legit. ill admit i dont know alot but i like speaking it. Anyway we got to teach  a lot about the importance of the book and why we have it. I hope this week you can all read it everyday and think about how it has effected your life.
my talk last week was about christ can change us from the inside out and how we can come alive from christ. It was cool cause it was also about missionary work so i got to drop a little cane on the members. only because i love them!!
I love you all and i hope you are having a good week! stay strong and remember that i love you! chau from argentina!!!!!
hermana jones
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