Monday, June 8, 2015

Another week....another milagro

hello sweet family and friends!! how is everyone doing this fine day!!! It is currently raining here in argentina and its cold! so just be grateful for your summer weather right now!!

this week has been pretty chill! we are having a hard time finding new people to teach! i dont know why but we are working so hard to find new people and i have a list lleno of people so that is our goal this week! its the last week of the transfer and i am pretty sure im staying here until august or september so i have a long time here! the members are really good and i am trying so hard to get to know them! 

this week we had a little milagro! we were at church yesterday and we were sitting in relief society and the elders bring this lady in and she sits next to us. her name is nelli. after the lesson we started talking to her and she told us where she lives and she lives in our area!! someone from the other barrio have her the number of the missionaries and she came to church on our own. it was really cool and she stayed the whole church time!! it was really cool! we are going to stop by her house this week and she how she felt!!!!!! 

i am trying so hard to be obedient and do everything i am suppose to!!! it is so hard to be obedient! satan is working just as hard. in the mornings, my bed seems to be more comfortable! but i promise i am doing what i am suppose to!!!! this week for exercises i have been trying extra hard to actually do them and to make the most of them. every squat i do and push i do i am thinking of my family and of could i imagen lindsi in my face making me do them!!! love you LINDS!! 

this week i am gaining a love for the scriptures in spanish! sometimes they are so frustrating and i dont want to read them in spanish cause i have to read them a lot slower but this week i have made myself read them in spanish and i am in mosiah!!! spanish is so cool!!! 

i hope that you are all doing well and i hope that you are being blessed!! aregentina is still awesome and i wish you could all be here with me!

i love you!!!

hermana jones
Me and my refrigerated pig friend

Hermana Sanchez and our pig friend

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