Monday, June 22, 2015

Entrenamiento (Training) numero dos

hello sweet family! how is everyone been this fine week?? i hope you are all enjoying the summer heat!!! this past week has been crazy and so much happened!

i first was staying with the hermanas in their area for a few days and then on wednesday i went to neuquen to pick up my new companion!!! it was crazy! i got there about 8 in the morning and i had to be at the mission home at about 11. i got there and elder lyman was training too! we were in the same district in the MTC to it was great to see him!! and also i saw hermana webb for the first time in 2 or 3 months!! it was a great mtc reunion!
my new companion is hermana gonzales de Peru! she is really ready to work! im super excited. she isnt shy like i was at first so that is amazing!! we got home on wednesday night and we went out working on thursday and we came back to the pension for the night and our carbon monoxide detector was going off! it was brand new and it was going off so for about a week, so we have been in the pension of the hermana leaders! it has been a little hard to do everything. we are doing all of our studies in their pension and their area is about 30 to 40 mintues from our area so we are walking alot! we are contacting a lot and calling a lot of people from the area book! all of a sudden the fear i had before of doing things is gone! the Lord is really blessing me cause i am not scared to talk as much! so i am so grateful for that! it kind of amazes me how i am speaking another language and people can understand me! what a blessing it is to be here and communicate with people from another country! 
i am developing patience. which is good! not it a bad way. i just have to remember that my companion doesnt know everything yet so i have to repeat a lot and i am remembering everything that hermana lara ( my trainer) did with me! we are working hard and she really has a desire to work so hard. sometimes she gets nervous with teaching and i am thinking of me and how i was. it was the same, but now i have changed! she is amazing!!! 

i am glad you are all safe and healthy and i hope you all have a good week!!!! les amo muchisimo!!!! 

hermana jones
 PS. Here are some pics of my new comp, Hermana Gonzalez. We spent the first part of the day in training and then we got out on the streets to try contacting. She did great!

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