Monday, October 12, 2015

Hey Friends and Family!

hello family and friends! how are you all doing? i would love to hear from you all!! ha

unfortunarly i was sick for about 3 days so i didnt have the opportunity to leave a lot. 

my companion and I thought that Nicole needed another sunday at church. so we pushed her fecha to this coming saturday! but si o si she is getting baptized! the other day we made invitations and everything! we also got the opportunity to meet the husband of Luciana! he is really amazing! i think theyll get married. im just not sure when. that is up the them. Yesterday at church Luciana and her whole family was there. they are a family of gold!! we had 4 investigators at church yesterday! IT WAS AWESOME! The members are getting better. our assistance is about 50 to 60 people. there are a lot of less active members because of the bishop. its a little tough sometimes but we are trying so hard to visit a lot of people and i want to get to know a lot more people. 

here in plottier the weather is weird. its raining one day and im sweating the next. but its all good! our pension is really small everything is in one room! and we have a grido right next door. grido in an ice cream shop. its the best! there arent a lot of youth so with the youth investigators its a little hard. 

We have 2 investigators progressing. Luciana and Nicole. but recently the brother of nicole is hanging out alot with the young men and he is really loving it! so we are going to put a fecha with him. he already has gone to church 2 times! this family is really amazing!! 

We are almost done with this transfer and i cant believe out fast the mission is going. i dont was to come home. i want to see all of you but im scared to come home hahaha jk but i fear for the future. the mission is literally the best thing in the whole world. I love the people here and the things that i am doing. All i want is to do the will of the father and keep his commandments. I WANT to return to live with him again. I love this gospel with all of my heart. 

i hope everyone has a good week! stay cooL!!!

hermana jones

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