Tuesday, October 6, 2015


hello family! How are you all doing!

this week has been really really good! We have been really concentrated in our investigator nicol. she is 12 and she is going to get baptized on satruday. we are also teaching her mom and her brother but her mom has to get married. She is soo cool and her and her family went to conference this weekend! conference was amazing and i loved it so much! it was a miracle becuase we got to watch it in english haha 

we are working really hard to get more baptisms and i am so so so excited that nicol is going to be baptized. i had a really weird experience this week. we were planning on what to teach nicol and i just didnt feel like she was ready to get baptized and i was telling my comp, hermana huaman,  what i was feeling and she was helping me alot. i dont know how to explain the thought or the feeling but i think it was fear. hermana huaman helped me figure out that that it what it was. she helped me have a little more faith and i started to cry and cry. i didnt know why! it was really weird. And i had realized that i was crying for an investigator. ive never felt like that in the mission. i love all the people that i teach but it was the first time that i didnt want the person that i was teaching to go inactive and not have the gospel in their life. i was so scared. i was thinking about my conversos and i didnt want them to go inactive. but hermana huaman told me that i need to have more faith in the people that we are teaching and that we are going to be okay. it was a weird experience and i realized that i love these people with all of my heart and i want them to be perfect! im not perfect but i want them to know everything becuase they are just precious people. they deserve everything! i love the work that im doing! it can be hard but VALE LA PENA! (its worth it. }

thanks for your support and your love! have a good week!!!

hermana jones


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