Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Blessings of the Gospel

Nov 23, 2015

hello family and friends!! how is everyone doing?? i hope that you all have had a wonderful week!!!

this week we had the baptism of Nicolas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was so amazing! he was so prepared!! he is 16 years old and he wants to go on a mission. it was amazing to have the whole family there! his dad works a lot so it was a huge blessing to have all of them there! we had the chance to talk to the whole family and the dad (miguel) says he wants nicolas to baptize him. Me and hermana huaman wanted to cry! This gospel is changing this family so much! miguel told us yesterday that he wants to be a member and they are going to get married in january! this family is so special and i am so happy that we have been able to teach them! 

This week we have been running everywhere! we had the baptism on thursday and justo the mission called us to go and do tramites (paperwork and Visa's) in Neuquen! so we were freaking out and running everywhere with little sleep. but that is what the mission is about!
 also this week we had a ward activity! it was NOCHE DE JUEGOS!!! with little money we pulled it off!! we did a lot of games and everyone had a great time!!!!! it was amazing to be with the ward and come together to just play and have a good time!

Now that nicolas has gotten baptized we are contacting alot. I know that there is someone out there that is ready to hear the gospel!!! we are meeting a lot of new people and everyone of them has an interesting story that can relate to the gospel. I love being here and i am grateful everyday to be a missionary. i know this is the true church and i know that the book of mormon is true!!! 

i hope everyone has a good week!!! i love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hermana jones


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