Tuesday, January 26, 2016

12 Meses

Nov 30, 2015

I cant believe that i have made it to 12 months. what a crazy year it has been. to think back one year and what i was doing. I can not think of a better place to be but in Argentina serving my Heavenly Father and helping him find his children.

one year ago i had stepped into the MTC and i didn't understand a thing. My third day i had to teach an investigator. I thought i knew everything. obviously that isn't true. but i can tell you that i have grown up a little and i have learned so much about myself, about the gospel, about other people, and most importantly about my savior. I can honestly say that i never thought i would get to this point in my mission. sad to say but it was true. I love every second of my life right now. i have come to know my savior more through his atonement. i am not perfect but i know that he can and he does forgive us. I repent everyday for  the things that i know i can change and do better the next day. The only thing i want to do is keep God's commandments and do what he wants me to do. I want him to be proud of me. 

My favorite day of the week is Sunday. Its the day when i can see if what i did in the week was good. The chicos that we are teaching, their mom came to church to see them be in the primary program. it was so humbling to see her sitting in sacrament meeting. Also 2 or 3 families came to church for the first time in months. Nicolas came to church with a white shirt and tie and next sunday he will be receiving the aaronic preisthood. Every sunday, i have a chance to write in my agenda all of the miracles from that day. i can say that we saw a lot of miracles yesterday. 
we have been working hard with a less active and her son that is 9 years old. he had told us that he wants to get baptized so are working with him and his mom so she can go back to church and her son can be baptized. 

i am learning new things everyday about myself and who i am. its really weird. but i feel like I'm changing. i am grateful for the opportunity i have to be here and meet interesting people everyday. 

Espero que tengan una buena semana y se que estamos en la iglesia verdadera. les amo con todo mi corazon y cada dia pido que el senor pueda protegerles. gracias por su apoyo y por su animo! 
se que el Libro de mormon es verdadero y se que jose smith fue un profeta. gracias a el que tenemos la iglesia restaurada! se que este libro es muy muy importante y que podemos aprender algo cada dia. les amo y espero lo mejor por ustedes:) 

HAVE A GOOD WEEK!!!!!!!!! 

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