Tuesday, January 26, 2016

hola, hola

Dec 7, 2015

hello family! how is everyone doing?? this week has been really good and really sad. but this week we have been in a trio so its been super fun. we have walked a lot becuase we have been teaching in 2 areas so i hope in getting skinnier. ha.

some sad news. we went to each lunch with luciana and her family. and after we finally sat down with them to talk about them getting married and they should have a goal to help them progress. the came out and said that they are still thinking about it and they had said that they need money to have a celebration after and they dont have money. we really were direct but with lots and lots of love. so the next day we went to visit her and she told us that she and miguel(her boyfriend) have decided to not go to church until they get married. so it has ben super hard for us. i dont think ive ever cried so hard in my life for someone! they are going to take a break from church because she also feels like the members are judging her because shes not married and stuff. we bore our testimonies and really expressed our love for her. its going to be hard becuase her kids, nicole and nicolas just got baptized but she said shes going to support them in going to church. we are kind of stumped right now. we arent sure what to do. It was sad because nicolas came to church alone yesterday and he told us that he doesnt like to come to church alone and he wants to come with his family. we are trying to work it out. but i think its something that it will take time. please keep praying and fasting for luciana, miguel, nicole, and nicolas. it would really help alot. if you have any advice that would help too....
with everything that has happened i can feel the love for these people. i couldnt hold back the tears. i love that family so so much and they have progressed so so much. i know it has happened for a reason but its hard to deal with. 

also this week we put a fecha with maximo. he is 9 years old and he wants to get baptized. his mom is less active so we are working with the both of them. in the other barrio we have been teaching in the area of the hermanas because one of them is with us and she has 3 baptisms this saturday so we are really really working and walking a lot! its good. my tan is beautiful!! thank you so much for the birthday wishes i hope to have a good birthday tomorrow!!!! 
have a good week!!!!!! i love you all so so much!!!!

hermana jones

one of the pics is of maximo and his friend, we ate food from peru it is literally the best food on the planet. i was stuffed after! ENJOY!!

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