Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Navidad Super Seca

Dec 21, 2015

hi family! how is everyone doing? i hope that everyone is enjoying the Christmas season. you are all are lucky because it is hot and nobody does Christmas here. Christmas here is an asado or bbq and party. the Christmas spirit is different.
although the Christmas season is different here the spirits of the people have changed a little bit. there is more service and nicer words and the people arent has dry. so we are taking advantage and trying to contact everyone. on saturday we had a really good activity in neuquen. we all went to neuquen and we had the video a savior is born ( i dont know what its called in english) and we had cards and we invited them to watch it right there in centro de neuquen. it was really cool!! there were a lot of people. it felt nice to wish everyone a merry Christmas and invite them to watch the video about the birth of jesus christ. 
this past week our mission is concentrating on coming to know the savior jesus christ. who is really is. yesterday we had a training and learned more about him and how we can repent and be true disciples of him. i really felt the spirit. my testimony of the savior is growing here in the mission. i feel good. i have a lot of things that i want to change for the this new year. i know that i need to repent for the little things that im not doing and turn a new page. 
we are working with luciana a lot. she has loosened up a bit from when we talked to her a couple of weeks ago. but she still doesnt come to church but we are visiting her a lot and helping her. we are doing exactly what jesus would do. loving her. she is so kind and thinks of others first and is so motherly. i love it. 
we are trying to work with nicole and nicolas but they have both gone to on vacation for summer vacation. so its hard to find them. but we are taking it one step at a time. 
we are excited to start the Christmas festivities!!!
i am really excited to see all of you on Christmas!!!! everyone needs to listen! I WILL BE SKYPING AT 10 AM ARGENTINA TIME SO THAT IS 6 AM UTAH TIME! i will send a message before i call but i please ask you that you can all be there cause it will be the last time that i see all of you for another 5 months. so it would be a really good christmas gift to me if you can all be there!!!! so so sorry if that early but its the only time i can do it. i love you all so so so so so much and i hope you all have a good christmas! remember the true meaning of Christmas! the savior lives and i am so grateful that he was born. because if he hadnt been born, we wouldnt have temples, the priesthood, the restored gospel. i am so grateful for the example of the savior and that i can repent and become a better person. FELIZ NAVIDAD A TODOS!!!!!!!!!!!! 

hermana jones

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