Tuesday, January 26, 2016


December 28, 2015

it was so good to see all of you on christmas! what a good chirstmas present it was to see all of you even if it was a 6am in the morning. christmas day was good. it was really really hot. but we had a good classic american bbq. we made hamburgers and hot dogs and soda. it was really fun. we did secret santa and i got homemade chocolate chip cookies and a map of argentina. haha it was super fun!!! we played a lot of soccer and we got to spend time with some members. it was a good to be with members and with the people that i love. 
we have been progressing with flavia. she is the mom of the chicos that got baptized in august. she is really smart and really learns from the scriptures. she told us yesterday that she knows that the book of mormon is true and when she reads the bible that she feels like something is missing. obviously its the book of mormon!!! haha it was so cool to hear that from her. i ask that you guys can pray for her because she wants to get baptized but her "husband" doesnt want to get married. she is really amazing and is so happy but its hard when she knows she cant get baptized. we are working really hard with her and i know she sees the difference when she goes to church and when she doesnt. 

it was really cool it talk to everyone. sorry it wasnt a lot of time but it was well worth it. i hope you all have a wonderful new year! this gospel is just so amazing and it all makes sense. when i study and learn new things it all just makes sense. i love it!!!! i know that we have a father in heaven that loves us and that his son jesus chirst lives. i know that we need to do everything we can so the spirit can be with us. i love you all so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

hermana jones


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