Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Happy New Year

Jan 4, 2016

hello everyone! i hope you all had a good happy new year!!! it was really cool to have it hear in argentina! fireworks are illegal here in plottier but everyone does them anyway. so at midnight i went outside and watched all the fireworks!! it was really really cool! its super super hot so its like 90 to a 100 degrees in place of 10 degrees! haha

for new years we got to eat with a family and we went to Luciana's house to spend the time with them. we ate pollo al disco. they but chicken and a bunch of other stuff and put it on a disc and over a fire and cook it. it is so amaizng! i love it. we then played games and got to be with them for a while. the next day we had a pday with the zone. we made tacos and played soccer pretty much all day. it started to hail and then it was super hot. the weather here right now is really weird. on friday there was a huge rain storm and the biggest thunder storms that i have ever seen. ill send pictures. it was kind of scary but really really cool! 
this week the assistents came to us and said that we need to change our goals. so, as a zone, we have made new goals and they are raising them. the problem was that we have a lot of investigators but not any baptisms. so we are starting to put more fechas and see them more. the goal is to have 14 investigators in church every week. it will be hard but i know that if we have successful lessons, they are going to come. we are working a lot with old investigators. we are working with anahi and maximo. they are the ones who can get baptized this saturday. we are working really hard with them. we are seeing good things here in plottier and i know that if we are obedient to what god asks, he is going to bless us. 
i dont have a lot of time. but i hope you all have a good week. i love you all so so much!!!!!!

hermana jones

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