Tuesday, January 26, 2016

La ultima semana de enero

Jan 18, 2016

hello familia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how are you all doing? i can believe that January is coming to an end! this year is flying by. honestly it has been really hard for me to come to the knowledge that i will have to finish this part of my life. i know i still have a few months but now im making goals that are going to help me more to be the best missionary i can be. I am pretty sure that this is the last week that hermana huaman and i will be together as companions. this saturday is the last day of the transfer. we have been together for 3 transfers or 18 weeks. what a good experience it has been to be with hermana huaman. thank you for writing her and making her feel good. she was really suprised to see almost the whole ward on her email! it was reall cool! thank you so so much! 

this week we have been trying to change and be better. it has been a little tough because hermana huamans foot has been really hurting her and we have had to rest a little. but president casariego has given us new goals and to have more lessons with members so we were trying to do that. he did pretty well for the first week. we tried to have members come with us but also it was hard because all of our members went on their temple trip so no one has been here so this week we are going to work a little bit harder. we had 2 investigators in church and it was really good. we had committed a lot of people to go to church and they all said yes but we didnt have a lot of people in church it was a little bummer but we did with what we had. we have been progressing with familia ortiz. we finally found them again and we got to teach them. juan ( the dad) has a lot of good questions and it gives me the motive to study more of the bible and the book of mormon to know how to answer them. we invited them to come to church and they said that they are going to come. flavia is doing great! we are going to make tacos with them on wednesday! she is doing so great! she studies and come to church every week! we are just waiting for her husband to say yes. i dont know when but i hope soon. 
some sad news. On saturday, we called luciana and miguel to see how they were doing and to, of course, invite them to church. miguel spoke to us and was happy and normal, but on sunday after church Luciana sent us a message and told us that she doesnt want us to visit her for awhile. we are not sure why and we are really confused. we are going to go see her on last time to explain what happened. I feel bad because they arent following gods plan. i know, that they know its true. but they are denying it. so we are just accepting their agency and going to keep helping them. i dont feel bad for what we taught or what we said. i know what we taught them is true. they just used their agency to choose another path. it honestly breaks my heart. i love that family so so much but there is nothing that i can do. but our heavenly father is a god of miracles. so we just need to be patient and wait. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week! this is going to be a good last week...for this transfer! i love this gospel and i love being a missionary!!!!!!  

hermana jones

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