Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Jan 25, 2016

hello family and friends!!!! i hope that you have all had a good week!!!!!! well the transfer was made! hermana huaman stayed in plottier and i am now is centenario! i honestly  thought that i was going to stay. but they called us and said that i was going. Hermana huaman is going to be there for 5 transfers! its super crazy! i honestly didnt want to leave plottier. i felt like i had more to do. but said goodbye to my loved ones and i moved on. My new companion is Hermana Afane. She is from El Salvador but she lives in Florida. she is really nice and what ive heard she is a really hard worker. Im excited to be in a different area. it will probably be my last area because i have 3 more but im going to take advantage of every minute. Im also nervous to get to know everyone again but ill do my best.

otro buena noticia!!! Maximo Rodriguez got baptized on saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT was amazing! we honestly didnt think we were going to have a baptism because they had been out of town all week but we went to visit them on thursday and they were still planning on it so we went with it and we taught the rest of the lessons in 2 days and he got baptized! it was really really sweet to see maxi get baptized. I'm gunna miss him a lot but i know he'll be okay. his example is going to help his family a lot. he really had the desire to get baptized. 

Did you tell you what happened with luciana?? she had told us that she didnt want us to visit her. so we went to talk to her. but she really didnt want us to come a lot because its summer and she always has her family over. but we apologized for taking a lot of her time and i never regret anything that we said or taught. because i know what we taught is true. Her "husband" doesnt want to come to church and its been hard because nicole and nicolas havent been home but luckily yesterday i got to say bye to nicole. it was really cool and it was sad to leave. 

im a so grateful for the opportunity that i had to serve in plottier. honestly im sad that i had to leave. it was really sad to leave hermana huaman. its going to be hard to get use to another hermana. but im going to try my best to be myself. im grateful to be a missionary and that i can use the atonement everyday. im ready to change and all i hope is to do what the lord wants me to do. "Recuerde que hay un Salvador que conoce tu nombre y entiende los deseos de tu corazon. te guiará y te brindará consuelo al acercarte en humildad y obediencia." 

i love you all so so so so much!!!!! i hope you all have a good week! remember that i love you so so much! éxitos!!!
hermana jones

ps. ill send photos next week.....i forgot to bring my camera to the cyber!

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