Monday, February 1, 2016

Wow....what a week!

Hello familia y amigos!!!!!!!! how are all of you doing??  i hope all is well!

well to start off... im in centenario. its about 20 minutes from neuquen. there are 2 sets of missionaries in our ward. our area is huge!!! we have to walk alot. it is more of a city type place and its pretty big. we have a lot to cover with just 2 people but its alright. the members are really nice and want to help. on sunday there were about 60 people but that was not a lot so that is a good sign. my companion is Hermana Afane. she is from el salvador but she lived in florida for a while. she is really nice and we get along great! she has been in the mission 1 transfer less than me so she knows what shes doing. she is really sweet and always says nice things. im really grateful that she is my companion! 

we have 2 or 3 investigators that are progressing and that are going to get baptized in about 2 weeks. they are all young women. they are all so sweet!! we are really excited! there are a lot of people to contact so that is always nice. This week was weird because we couldnt find a lot of the investigators. they just werent home. but this week we are going to find them. 

the other thing was that i got sick and was sick for about 2 or 3 days. i had the flu and then a huge migrane. i went to the hospital to see what was wrong and i had to get a shot. i was so nervous and the nurse said to me...lay down with you head facing ya you can guess where they put the was terrible! hahaha but it helped.  i have no idea why i was sick for so long maybe because the stress caught up to me. Im feeling better now but it was tough. we tried to get and work as much as we could. but this week was a tough one. but we are pumped to start a new week! 

I was a little sad to leave plottier because it has always been hard for me to get to know new people but i know that the lord needs me here in centenario for a reason. i am so grateful to be a missionary and i feel like ive gotten to know my father in heaven more and the love that he has for all of his children, especially me. i know that i am a child of god. we are all his children. This gospel is so true i dont know what i would do or where i would honestly be if i wasnt a member of the restored gospel. I know that joseph smith was a true prophet. I know he saw god and jesus chirst. I am so grateful that he had the desire to read the scritpures and find an answer. thanks to that...we have the true restored gospel here on the earth today. I want all of you to stop and think of the blessings you have received from being a member. then say a little prayer in your heart and thank your father in heaven. I am so grateful for everything that i have recieved from the gospel. 

i honestly hope that you all have a wonderful week. i love every single one of you so so much. Keep moving on and doing what is right. 

Be strong. Be happy. Keep a smile on your face. Take it just one step at a time. 

Hermana jones

ps. here are some fotos from plottier.....


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