Sunday, March 6, 2016


Feb 15, 2016
i hope everyone had a good week and full of fun! this week was a little better. about 3 weeks ago we were cleaning out the pension and we found a paper full of references! we have no idea where it came from but it was a tender mercy so we have been contacting people from that list. we found 3 new investigators that said we could come back! so there is hope! right now, we are trying to work together as a district, there are 4 of us, to have more trust in the ward. how can we have a ward more united and how can we work as a team. there are some members that dont want to do a lot so we are trying to find the excitement to help them. we are trying to start with the bishop. he is really nice and wants to help but sometimes its hard. the good thing is that there are already quite a few members that are willing to help us. the less actives here are really stubborn and its hard to get them to come to church. they are full of excuses. there are about 700 members here in centenario but only about 60 to 80 come every week.... can you believe that?????

Lucia is so prepared to get baptized this saturday! she is super excited! we did the interview and she passed!! haha she wakes up every sunday by herself and we walk to church together. the members are so nice to help her get to church. me and hermana afane are going to sing in her baptism so wish us luck! we finally talked with agustina and she decided to get baptized on the 5th of march!!!! so we are really excited! she is 15 and is really great! she is the neice of a member so they are also helping us. we are finding a lot of young women to fill up the young womans program! so we are seeing a lot of success!! 

argentina is doing great! its super hot over here and im just dying of heat!  but everything is good! hermana afane and I are doing great! i think we are just stressed sometimes but we get along great! she really helps me feel good about myself and is a hard worker! i also want to confess something. when we all planned to read the book of mormon as a family we planned to finish it by the end of the year 2015 but i never finished it. sorry but this week i can say that i finished the book of mormon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it took me a long time but its because it was in a different language. but i feel so good to have finished it. i didnt want it to end!!! but now im reading it again and i can put it down! i love the book of mormon and i now that it is a sacred book. im so grateful for jose smith and all that he did to protect the plates so he could translate them. it is truly a huge blessing to have the book of mormon with us today!!!

i love you all so so much and i wish you all the best! have a good week!!!

hermana jones

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