Sunday, March 6, 2016

vivir bautismo!!‏

Feb 22, 2016

hello family! i hope you are all doing so so well!
so this week was really good!!! LUCIA GOT BAPTIZED!!!! it was just a good day! she was a little nervous but she did it and i feel like my hija is all grown up. last week, we went over the baptism questions and she wasn't sure about joseph smith, if he was a prophet. so we invited her pray to know. we went back a few days later and she said that she prayed and she felt good. it was the first night she could sleep peacefully. she said i know that joseph smith was a prophet and that thomas s monson is a prophet. it was just a testimony builder to me. i love lucia so so much! she is 12 and is setting a huge example for me and for her family! 

kind of a funny story...the night before her baptism we were in the church cleaning the font and getting things ready... i was cleaning the font and the water was running and i went to go into the font and i totally slipped and fell on my bum.... it hurt so so bad but those are the sacrifices you gotta make! hahaha my body is just a little sore but its all worth it. 

we found a new investigator this week! it was kind of a miracle. about a month ago, we contacted a guy that was sitting on a bench crying. so we talked to him and said that he was passing through a hard time. he was very grateful for what we shared but said no for right now. his wife didnt want anything with religion. well, the other day we contacted this girl who is 15 and we had a lesson with her and we set another time to go back. bueno. we went back and who came out??? the man that we contacted on the bench! he was so happy to see us and he told us that he was for sure going to go to church on sunday! it was so cool bueno, on sunday we went to look for him and no one answered.. we were kind of sad but when went to church anyway and who what sitting there in elders quorum???? that man!!!!! it was a beautiful sunday and we have to go visit him to see how his sunday went! it was a true miracle!!!!

we had the opportunity to hear from elder bednar this week! he came down to argentina and spoke to all the missionaries in argentina, paraguay, uruguay, and chile. it was really cool to see him and hear him. he was so helpful how we can be better missionaries. he really focused on us trying to write down the promptings of the spirit and not just write down what he was saying. i felt better after listening to him. i know that elder bednar is called of god to be an apostle. 

centenario is a wonderful place. there are a lot of people here so we will never run out of people to teach. i like it here. the members are really good and we are trying to work hard. it was a really good miracle to see lucia get baptized. im so grateful that i am able to be here and see her progress. this week we are going to work with agustina and she will get baptized this coming saturday. 

thank you thank you for all of your prayers and i am always praying for you guys. thanks for being a motivator to keep going. i love you all. have a wonderful week! happy leap year!!!

hermana jones


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