Monday, April 6, 2015


This week has been so crazy and full of fun and stress all the same time.
Today is the start of a new transfer and i am finally done with my 12 week training so im a legit missionary. It was very very sad to say goodbye to hermana lara. We were so close and i will never forget her. my sweet mom in the mission. She left sunday morning so i have been in intercambios with some other hermanas. we are all waiting for our new companions.
I will tell you more about her next week because she doesnt come until tonight around 6 pm. but her name is hermana houston and she is from st. george. so that is good to know. i am really working on my spanish and i am going to talk way more. also hermana houston, i think, she has been here 2 more transfers than me so we are both pretty new but its all good. we are going to learn together. haha
Yesterday i got to watch conference in english, que bendicion! it was so good and i loved every talk. i really did. i thought about you guys a alot and about some of the people we have been teaching so i can know what to do with them. Since hermana lara wasnt there i had to do all of the talking with investigators and members and i can honestly say right now that the lord answers prayers cause i was able to talk to them, answer questions and be a missionary! dont get me wrong it wasnt a lot but i felt pretty good yesterday with the language. I had one investigator come yesterday! it was rita! I made a cita with her so we are going to go visit her this week and talk about conference a little.
i am really excited this week to start something new and i kind of have to show hermana houston around a little so i am nervous but im pumped. Thank you for all the prayers and love. i am realizing that the lord is blessing my family and my friends as i made this decision to serve him. esta semana, mi invitacion es agradecer el senor mas. El ha hecho muchisimo por todos y yo se que el esta. tenemos todo gracias a el. (this week my invitation is to show the Lord more gratitude. He has done so much for all of us and I know He is there.)
i love you all so much! HAVE A GOOD WEEK! TE QUIERO MUCHISIMO!!!
hermana jones

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