Monday, April 13, 2015


Hi everyone! how are you this fine day?? My new compañera is amazing! hermana houston is from st. george and she is a really good missionary! we get a long great and she has been here 1 more transfer than me! she is so helpful with my spanish and we do things different but i like it!
One thing i like the best is everynight we list all the milagros (miracles) we saw that day! it has really helped me see the lords hand here in esquel! We have been doing a lot of contacting and we are having a lot of success! this week we are going to go back to their houses and get some baptisms! The members are really great and at first it was hard because i had to do everything but hermana houston is really helpful and we are both learning together!
 some sort of exciting news... i have to speak in church next week and i am freaking out cause i know nothing! haha but i am ready and i have to print the talk in english cause i have no idea what it says! I feel like the spanish is coming along and hermana houston is helping monton!!! I am not really scared to contact anymore! i am getting better..i am not perfect at it at all but i am trying everyday!
I am so happy that you guys got to meet hermana lara! isnt she amazing?! i still think of the funny stuff we did but me and hermana houston are making our own fun and it is aweosme!!! she is all about having the spirit and what am i feeling and where is the spirit telling me to go... i am really learning alot. i started the new testament this week! i love it! you never would have thought that i would read the bible! haha ya me too.... i love learning and i want to use the bible and the book of mormon together!
this week something cool happened.... we were knocking on doors and i picked 2 houses and both of them werent home. so i said to hermana houston "i chose two houses and none of them answered..." and she said, "its okay because sometimes god stops us at certain houses and they arent there cause he needs us at a certain place at a certain time." Not even 5 minutes later... we were crossing the street and this lady with 2 kids stops us and says "que son?" it was so awesome!!!!!!! we talked a little but she didnt tell us where she lived or anything but it was a testimony builder cause the lord needed us to be there so she could talk to us! it was awesome!
I love you all so much! i am really seeing the miracles here and i am going to be sad when i leave esquel in 5 weeks! oh did i tell you i get to call you guys next transfer?? in may?? ya im excited! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! HAVE A GOOD WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hermana jones

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